About Chakhoous

My name is Arhama and as far as I remember, I have always been diehard foodie. Cooking for me is therapeutic. The effort that goes into making a hearty meal and seeing a delicious recipe come to life is very rewarding. It is a wonderful feeling to experiment on family and friends and seeing their nod of approval.

I have been regularly writing to Express Tribune Blogs for over a year now. It is here that I noticed that people rarely know the nutritional value of their diet, which is why they find it hard to achieve sustainable weight loss. Weight loss is achieved in the kitchen, not the gym. No matter how hard you hit the gym, if you do not watch what you eat, you will not lose those extra pounds. And at the heart of it, cooking your own meals is the best way to control what goes in your mouth. On this blog, I’ll be aiming to share a library of healthy recipes that are not only healthy and fit, but also appetizing and succulent.

Growing up in a typical Pakistani household, I would watch the swift shuffling of spoons and spatulas with fascination, smell the sizzling aromas and impatiently wait to gobble down the appetizing finished products. Cooking was portrayed to be a highly specialized area of expertise which was well handled by maids and mothers. It was an area in which I never sought to gain any interest, albeit I was always encouraged to try. Perhaps all coddled kids choose to live in this bubble till the day they leave home.

I am not a seasoned chef, but this blog is my way of not only documenting tried and tested recipes for my record but also sharing it with all cooking enthusiasts out there. I hope to make your culinary journey smooth and inspired.

The name of the blog is dedicated to my mother and her love of chakhooing (tasting or nibbling) food at any time of the day. The tiny cat logo in the url space, which has become a family symbol, is dedicated to mano – a stray born and raised by my brother and the tiny logo which is not decipherable – Hiss, Cat & Claw –is something personal to me and my siblings and there is no sane way to explain it =p

You will notice a book tab on the home page. That is dedicated to my Khala (Aunt) who gave me my first book to read and introduced me to a parallel world (an escape rather). Sadly, my reading habit has been dwindling over the years; so this is an attempt to revive and keep what I hope will become a routine.

It may seem all over the place right now but I  want this to not only be a food blog but a forum where I can post about a “little bit of everything.” Lets see how this goes =p

I hope that you will try these recipes and give me your valuable feedback.

Happy Cooking!