When Pizza meets French toast, love transpires!

During my time at LUMS, if there was one thing I looked forward to before going to those early morning classes, it was the Pepsi Dining Center (PDC) French toast with a cup of steaming illaichi chai. Another thing I remember from university was the all-nighter sessions, where pizza was our staple, our means for survival… let’s just say pizza saw us through many a tough one. We owe pizza a lot.

Today, I am going to be creative and combine pizza and French toast to turn dinner into breakfast! I would like to say this insanely simple springboard of culinary greatness was solely mine but the idea has actually been going around for quite some time in different forms – eggs on pizza being one.

It is a super easy and great way to satisfy pizza cravings, especially when you are the only one who has them. Plus all these ingredients are always available in the kitchen store! Here goes…


Bread Slices – 2

Cheese Slices – 1

Chicken (these can be chunks or even left-over chicken tikka)

Olives, mushrooms, capsicum… the list can go on and on


Chili Garlic Sauce

Pizza Sauce

Egg – 1

Milk – 2-3 tbsp

Paprika – 1 pinch

Salt – 1 pinch


1. Whisk together an egg, milk, paprika and salt

2. On one slice of bread spread pizza sauce, while on the other spread mayo and garlic sauce. Add chunks and toppings of your choice on either slice. Cover with a slice of cheese. Form a sandwich.

3. Dip the sandwich in the egg mixture and fry on a low flame and you are good to go.

You can add about anything to it. Maybe make it crunchy with some greens or gooey cheesy with well… more cheese.


Each bite will give you the gooey taste of pizza in a sandwich. The egg and cheese mixture adds great flavour that kicks up this tasty new lunch or dinner idea. Do try it out!

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