Gajar ki Barfi (Carrot Fudge)

Happy New Year everyone!

I decided to start off the year with something sweet… to sort of set the tone for the next twelve months maybe?

Desi sweets are extreme. Plump with refined butter, glistening with syrup and luridly coloured, they are not for the fainthearted. But it is hard for me to walk past a shop where slabs of Sohan halwa, topped with almonds, or newly fried bright orange jalebis sit enticingly in the window, and not find myself at the counter- I must add here I am not a HUGE fan of desi sweets but at times these are irresistible! These sugary confections have an emotional pull, too, from their association with happiness, good luck and festivals. Celebrating a new baby, a promotion at work or straight A*s in your GCEs is incomplete without a plate of mithai (sweets).

Barfi is every desi sweet lovers’ bae if I may say. The bite-sized desi confectionary is a milk based dish that can be given flavour and texture using a myriad of ingredients like coconut, khoya, kaju and more.

The carrot barfi or gajar barfi is the lovechild of a barfi and gajar ka halwa (gajrela) . This tantalizingly delicious delicacy is essentially the same thing as gajrela, but with added milk powder so that the halwa is firmer and solidifies into shapes once it cools. A mouth-watering dessert especially for the winters across the subcontinent!

So while we have been habituated to satisfying our sweet tooth after a meal (the post-dinner walk is often an excuse to stop by at the local ice-cream vendor), sometimes its ok for the sweet to come first. Do try out these tiny delights and set the mood going for   what will hopefully be an amazing year for all of us.

Happy New Year !


1: Carrots 1/2 kg (peel & grate)

2: milk powder full fat 1&1/2 cup

3: sugar 1 cup

4: ghee 4 tbs

5: milk 1&1/2 cup

6: desiccated coconut 4 tbs

7: green cardamom powder 1 tsp

8: pistachio 15 (sliced)



1: heat milk and add the carrots and cook till the milk dries on medium flame.

2: then add the ghee and cook on medium flame.

3: add the sugar and green cardamom and cook till the water of the sugar dries on medium flame.

4: add the milk powder and cook for a couple of minutes on low to medium flame all the while stirring.

5: add the coconut mix well.

6: transfer the mixture in the greased tin spread evenly.

7: garnish with pistachio and coconut, let it cool.

Cut in pieces and serve !

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